TRAC Intermodal traces its roots to 1968, but the company had never really established a unified brand in the marketplace. As North America’s largest intermodal equipment provider and chassis pool manager (with more than 272,000 active chassis), TRAC worked with The Design Edge to create a unified brand experience that was worthy of its stature in the field. The branding process began with the creation of a TRAC Brand Manual and custom photo illustrations to build recognition of its bright blue chassis.

The Design Edge then applied the new branding guidelines and new images to create marketing collateral, including brochures, sell sheets, presentations and templates for the TRAC sales staff to use when meeting with prospective customers.

“The Design Edge has guided us through the branding process, which has helped us to better communicate our strengths and what sets TRAC apart in the marketplace,” said Jacquie Lyman, senior manager of marketing at TRAC Intermodal . “Our sales staff has reacted positively to the new materials because they can now communicate TRAC’s offerings and benefits in a clear, effective and consistent manner across TRAC’s many locations around the country.”

The presentations have also been effective at building the TRAC brand internally. “Employees need to be educated in our products and services and believe in them to be able to sell to prospects and customers. Our new approach to branding and marketing materials really help in that regard,” added Lyman.